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Learning to driver is one of the most important things we do in how can we make it easier?


The QUALITY driving school

Around the Bend is a professional driving school with a fully vetted workforce.

Our driving instructors are dedicated to providing quality training. our learners are taught the skills needed to pass their test & stay safe afterwards in a realistic timescale. We DO NOT string lessons out for more money.



Considering private practice?

download private practice guideAround the Bend encourages Private Practice. In order to make best use of private practice, we've put together some guidelines to help. Download our 'hints n tips' private pratice guide  click here.

Common faults can develop with private practice, is insufficient use of the mirrors. Once a 'bad habit' has developed, it is extremely difficult to put right.



Show me / Tell me questions - answered!

show me tell me At the start of your driving test, you will be asked 2 questions to do with the maintenance of the vehcile. These are known as the 'Show me / Tell me' questions.

One of our most forward thinking instructors - known as BIG V - has put together the answers, with pictures where possible to help! click here



Insurance for learners - from Collingwood

Collingwood offers specialist insurance for learner drivers

The policy runs alongside other policies so that parents, friends & family don't have to risk their own no claims.

Click the logo to go straight to the Collingwood Learners site.

Practice Theory Test

If you are already an Around the Bend student and have opted to take advantage of our Theory Test Practice Pack please click here then click on the Subscribe button and have your activation code ready. If you haven't got an activation code yet please ask your instructor or call 0800 316 3633.