High Pass Rates


Most recent Pass Rates at ATB

Our 1st time pass rate consistently hovers at around 67-70%

and has hit a fantastic 81% in the last 6 months

compared to a 47% industry average

So, the statistics don't lie :

We don't just believe that our driving instructors are BETTER, we KNOW IT.

Around the Bend constantly monitors instructor pass rates. The results show our pass rates to be consistently considerably higher than figures published by the DSA (they're the people who run the driving tests).

Data collected every month from our instructors is logged and analysed to PROVE our claims of High Pass Rates. We've even proved our figures to the Advertising Standards Authority who have approved them.

High pass rates and great driving lesson deals make Around the Bend is the best choice for your training.



Our 1st time pass rate 

Since we started monitoring our pupil's test success, our 1st time pass rate has hit an astonishing 81%. This is amazing when you consider, the industry average is just 47%



Value for money

When you consider that up to 81% of our pupils pass their test first time, Around the Bend offers you superb value for money.

The cost of failing a driving test is around £100-£140 (£62 for the test, 2 hours for test day & another 2 hour lesson in between) so, although other driving schools may have cheaper hourly rates......wouldn't you rather pass first time and save yourself money in the long-run?


All figures are compared to the national average statistics provided and published by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency). ATB data used is based on data from the last 12 months and is factual data collected from our team of instructors.