Assessment Lesson


Not sure which course to go for?

No problem.....we'll carry out a 'one off' assessment lesson to assess your current driving standard. Assessment lessons are 1.5hrs long and will be charged at the Pay as you Go rate for your area. During this time we will assess your level of competancy and give you an idea of how many hours of lessons we think it will take to get you to test standard.

How much is the Assessment Lesson?

If you've driven recently, we can do the assessment in the Pay as you Go rate in your area 

If you haven't driven for a while, we recommend the 2hr assessment. 


What if you need more hours?

We want you to be ready before you sit your test. That's how we generate over 60% of our business through Word of Mouth AND keep such HIGH PASS RATES*. If you get a few hours in and it's clear you are not going to be ready, you can 'top up' with extra hours. You just pay your instructor for these direct. Easy!


Is it best to do everything in 1 week?

For the very best chance of passing your test first time, we need to make sure you're 100% ready. We can offer you a 1 week course no matter how many hours you choose to go for. From experience, it's better to spread the course out over 2-3 weeks. You can spread the course out as much as you like........whatever you decide, we will deliver everything as you wish.

* When compared to the Driving Standards Agency published Pass Rates here



Please note:

An assessment lesson gives us chance to see you drive and to 'estimate' how many lessons you need to reach driving test standard.


We cannot GUARANTEE the exact number of hours required however, the courses offered are not 'set in stone'. If you book a course and then require additional hours, you can 'top it up'. These additional hours can be booked directly with your instructor.


It's important that you are 100% ready for the driving test before you take it, to give you the very best chance of passing first time AND to help us maintain our High Pass Rates*

*When compared with the Driving Standards Agency published figures for the UK