Intensive Course Details

Need to pass FAST?

Our intensive FAST PASS courses can ALL be done in 1 week, with the test at the end. If you'd like to make the course less intensive, you can spread the course out over a few weeks. This takes the pressure off and increases the chance of you passing first time significantly.


How does it work?

Around the Bend take all the hassle out of learning by controlling your course at the office. We book & management your test leaving you to concentrate on learning and your instructor to concentrate on teaching. Unlike many other schools we don't just stick to 'standard test waiting times' (which can be up to 8 weeks). We constantly monitor the DSA test availability, checking for cancellations. We can usually have a driving test for you within a week or two.


Not sure how many hours you need?

No problem.....we'll carry out a 'one off' assessment lesson to assess your current driving standard. Assessment lessons are typically 1.5 or 2hrs long and we can get one sorted for you within the next few days.


What if you need more hours?

We want you to be ready before you sit your test. That's how we generate over 60% of our business through Word of Mouth AND keep such HIGH PASS RATES*. If you get a few hours in and it's clear you are not going to be ready, you can 'top up' with extra hours. You just pay your instructor for these direct. Easy!

*High Pass Rates in comparision to the DSA national average as published on

So how much are these courses?

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