Intesive Driving Course - Intesive Driving Lessons

Intesive Driving Lessons - more commonly known as Intensive Driving Lessons

Intesive.... missing the 'n'. This is a common mis-type for intensive driving lessons. Less haste more speed !

For the very best first time pass rate Around the Bend recommends doing a semi-intensive driving course. This means that the course is less intense, with the driving done over a few weeks rather than all in a few days. 

Intesive, intense or intensive driving lessons are all carried out in your local area. We usually pick up from home, college or work and you will do some of your training in and around the actual test centre you are sitting your test at. 

For more information on our Intesive driving lessons - intense driving lessons - or even intensive driving lessons, click here. Alternatively, call 0800 316 3633, or text 'intence' to 07870 586687.