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Quality driving lessons

Above all else, our ambition is to provide you with the highest quality driving lessons available. We choose our driving instructors very carefully and we insist on punctuality, reliability and a patient, friendly atmosphere for your lessons......


How regular will my lessons be?

It's up to you! We can give you a single driving lesson each week, or speed things up if you prefer. The fastest way to pass your driving test is with one of our intensive driving courses. We recommend that your lessons are 1.5-2 hours in length. This provides the best results and value for money.


How will my driving lessons be structured?

The structure of your training will follow the guidelines set out by the Driving Standards Agency. Each lesson will have a brief introduction, a clear aim, some recap questions to confirm your knowledge, the lesson subject explained & chance for you to practice. Each driving lesson should finish with a few minutes of debrief.


How much will be my lessons cost?

For prices on our standard weekly driving lessons, click here. If you would prefer to 'fast track' your learning, or pass in a week, click here for prices.


How do I book a lesson with an Around the Bend Driving Instructor?

Easy......call us free on 0800 316 3633  -  text "call" to 07870 586687  -  or complete our online contact form 



Cheap Driving Lessons


 Cheap Driving Lessons