Our quality promise to you


Value for money

Value for money is one of our prorities here at Around the Bend. You may find instructors offering 'dirt cheap' lessons but ask yourself WHY? Why would someone who COULD earn £19/hr, be working for a lot less? If I was able to keep my books full at £19/hr, I wouldn't work for less.

What Around the Bend can offer you is a reliable, professional service and a BETTER CHANCE OF PASSING FIRST TIME - click here to see our Pass Rate data



Back-up support vehicle

Around the Bend keep two spare Renault Clio 1.5 Dci cars at the office.

All of our instructors use the same make & model of car to ensure that should anything happen to their car just before your lesson / test, we can provide a like-for-like replacement.



Lesson structure

In line with the DSA's guidelines for lesson format, we guarantee that EVERY lesson conducted by and Around the Bend instructor will follow the structor below:

Intro (a brief 'hello' from your instructor)

Aim (set a simple 'aim' for the lesson)

Recap (a few questions based on what you've already learned)

Objective (a more in-depth insight into what the lesson will be about)

Briefing (where necessary, step by step instructions on the lesson topic - this may be excluded if you're just improving on skills you've already learned)

Lesson content (the bulk of your lesson, working on the objective that has been set)

Debrief (a 5 minute 'summing up' at the end of lesson & set an aim for next time)



Lesson duration

We're sick of hearing about other schools, picking up pupils late and dropping them off early. If you pay for an hour of an instructor's time, you should get a WHOLE hour. 

Here at Around the Bend we PROMISE that if your instructor is late for the start of your lesson, the lesson will run over by the same amount of time.

If this is not possible (because it would result in everyone else's lessons being affected), we GUARANTEE that the time will be added to your next lesson.