Think about it.........

When looking for driving lessons, it's really important that you consider what you're going to get for your money. Some schools are cheaper than others, but will you get the kind of service you're looking for?

Let's look at the comparison:

Our instructors are carefully selected for their quality tuition. We estimate most pupils will be near or at test standard between 25-35 hours of lessons. First 4 for £40, then 25 hours at £17/hr is a total spend of £465

Some instructors will charge £13 or £14 per hour but is the quality there?? It is likely that passing your test will take longer because they still need to earn a living. If you take 40 hours instead of 30, this works out at a total of £560 - MORE EXPENSIVE!

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Think about it. A good quality instructor can charge more because they have the reputation and the busy diary to match!

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