Company Training

Know the risks and the rewards.

Around the Bend can help your business effectively assess and manage the risks associated with driving at work.

The Risks

Since April 6, 2008 all companies regardless of size can be prosecuted where a safety failure has been found to be a cause of a work-related death - and it no longer needs to be the sole cause. This includes causes of death on the road. Employers can no longers pass all responsibility and blame for a fatal crash on to the driver. Driving as part of the job is the most dangeround work-related activity performed by most employees in the UK and 95% of all road accidents are caused by human error. It is estimated that a third of accidents in the UK involve someone driving for work. If found guilty of a safety failure an organisation could be ordered to:

  • Pay an unlimited fine. In some cases, where the offence is extremely serious, an order may be made to close the business down
  • Take remedial action within a specified period
  • Publicise nationally, at the organisations cost, full details of their conviction including size of fine and remedial action

The Rewards

If people who need to drive as part of their job are properly trained, there are a number of significant benefits that far outweigh the cost of training:

  • Protection of the company's brand and reputation
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Reduced vehicle wear and tear
  • Reduced employee stress
  • Fewer sickness days